TRUTH & SOUL, INC.: DAY TWO - Downey and the Midnight Movie (hosted by P.T. Anderson, feat. "Greaser's Palace" & "Pound")

For lovers of all things Downey, this is the night of deep cuts. The Friends Of Cinefamily have struck a brand-new 35mm print of Downey’s “acid western” Greaser’s Palace — a classic of the ‘70s midnight movie circuit (named by the Coen Brothers as one of their favorite films of all-time) that’s been out of theatrical circulation for decades. Following is a celebration of the music Robert Downey made with Charlie Cuva and Jack Nitzsche, a reunion of his cast-‘n-crew extended family”, and a rare screening of his never-on-DVD (heck, never-even-on-VHS) Pound.

Greaser’s Palace Dir. Robert Downey, Sr., 1972, 35mm, 91 min.
Pound Dir. Robert Downey, Sr., 1970, digital presentation, 92 min.