Triple Fisher: The Lethal Lolitas of Long Island

A scathing critique/celebration of early-’90s tabloid culture, twenty years in the making! Back in 1992, a suburban New York teenager named Amy Fisher captured the national media’s attention when she shot her lover’s wife in the face. This sordid tale of underage sex, aggravated assault and Joey Buttafuoco managed to spawn not one, not two, but three separate made-for-TV movies — a television first. Drew Barrymore (The Amy Fisher Story), Alyssa Milano (Casualties of Love: The “Long Island Lolita” Story) and Nöelle Parker (Lethal Lolita — Amy Fisher: My Story) all took stabs at portraying the damaged young lady, yet a true on-screen depiction of Amy Fisher has never emerged — until now. In this Rashomon of found footage, director Dan Kapelovitz (“Threee Geniuses”) mind-melds the multiple melodramas into one ultimate metadrama mashup. World premiere!

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