NEVADA: Tremors

One of the best American monster movies this side of the Fifties, Tremors perfectly balances farce and fright, cool dudes and badass beasties. Meet Val & Earl, bickering handymen in desolate Perfection, Nevada, a sleepy outpost about to be overrun by flesh-hungry subterranean worm beasts. Now our incredibly game cowboy combo (played by Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward) must face the mouthy creatures or be gobbled up, dusty grins and all. Non-stop, fast-paced fun, Tremors is packed-to-the-brim with B-movie gold: totally rad gross-out graboids, family-friendly gore, Big Trouble In Little China’s Victor “Egg Chen” Wong, plus a cast and crew clearly having the time of their lives. And, it’s the only state on our trip brave enough to showcase Family Ties’ Michael Gross and Reba McEntire as gun-crazed survivalists!
Dir. Rob Underwood, 1990, 35mm, 96 min.