Toni Erdmann (Free sneak peek w/ actors Sandra Huller & Peter Simonischek in person!)

Co-presented by Women of Cinefamily

This third feature from German filmmaker Maren Ade (Everyone Else) breathes life into the “sadcom,” with a familial relationship study pulsing with the gut-wrenching paternal love and all-too-familiar second-hand embarrassment wrought by most fathers on their unsuspecting offspring… dialed up to 11. The raw, beating heart of Toni Erdmann lies in the exhaustive efforts of lonely, prankster father Winifred—whose nom de guerre is the titular Toni—toward his overworked daughter Ines, as the former stages wild, invasive stunts with the goal of softening the latter’s stone-cold corporate soul. With nods to Andy Kaufman and Rip Taylor, the indefatigable performativity of both Winifred and Ines—he a costume-donning joker, she a besuited consultant—eventually reveals poignant moments of father-daughter connection, which, via a hirsute behemoth, a clothing-optional birthday party, fake hobo teeth and a cheap wig, results in the most painfully funny film to emerge from both Cannes and Toronto this year.

Dir. Maren Ade, 2016, DCP, 162 min.

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