Tokyo Story (1/18, brand-new DCP restoration!)

Widely regarded as being the crown jewel of Japanese master Yasujiro Ozu’s career, Tokyo Story is a profoundly stirring evocation of elemental humanity and universal heartbreak — plus, it consistently finds itself placed on all-time Top Ten film lists around the world, right alongside big-time classics like Citizen Kane, Rules Of the Game and Vertigo. An elderly couple visits their busy, self-absorbed offspring in Tokyo and are met with an indifference that only serves to reveal permanent emotional differences — which the parents gracefully meet with quiet resignation and then return home. Deceptively simple, the film finds Ozu’s use of ellipsis at its most impactful, as major plot points are left out to accrue a gradual effect all the more potent. Featuring lovely performances from Ozu regulars Chishu Ryu and Setsuko Hara, Tokyo Story plumbs and deepens the director’s recurring theme of generational conflict, creating what is without question one of cinema’s mightiest masterpieces.
Dir. Yasujiro Ozu, 1953, DCP, 136 min.

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