Toad Road

Presented by The Woodshed

“Toad Road should digest well with those sick of mediocre horror flicks with little moxie.” – indieWIRE

Winner of both the Best Director and Best Actor prizes at Fantasia Fest 2012, Toad Road wraps the real-life journey of young adults rolling and tripping their way to oblivion around a most devastating supernatural event. Deep within the crevices of Pennsylvania, there exists the dark tale of “Toad Road”: a path in a remote forest consisting of seven gates. To cross through each gate is to confront escalating personal nightmares — with the seventh gate leading to Hell itself. Locating a group of friends whose self-destructive partying finds them on the path to their own kind of personal Hell, documentary filmmaker Jason Banker drops these fine young folks down the real Toad Road, imposing only the occasional bit of narrative in order to create a kind of Frederick Wiseman-cum-Blair Witch Project docu-horror event unlike any other.
Dir. Jason Banker, 2012, HD presentation, 75 min.

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