Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie (special midnight show!)

“A cult classic in the making that features sounds and images never before seen in a commercial American film…[it] begins by going to far, then just keeps on going.” — Nathan Rabin, A/V Club

Leaping off from TV’s Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job, it’s an all-new feature film from the twisted minds of cult comedy heroes Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim! Tim and Eric are given a billion dollars to make a movie, but squander every dime — and the sinister Schlaaang corporation is pissed. Their lives at stake, the duo skip town; when they happen upon a chance to rehabilitate a bankrupt mall full of vagrants, bizarre stores and a man-eating wolf that stalks the food court, they see dollar signs — a billion of them. Full of brainpan-squeegeeing visuals and preposterous punchlines, B$M also features cameos from a bevy of Awesome Show weirdo regulars alongside apperances by Will Farrell, Robert Loggia, John C. Reilly, Jeff Goldblum, Will Forte and Zack Galifianakis!
Dirs. Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim, 2012, HD presentation, 93 min.

Watch the trailer for “Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie”!
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