They Live (encore!)

With a pre-screening set by DJ Nadie

Upon its original 1988 release, John Carpenter’s Reagan era screed They Live went largely unsung; sure, smallish audiences thrilled to “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Keith David’s endless knock-down, drag-out alley fight, and the general message of non-conformity was well received among the Carpenter-converted. But no one anticipated the film’s ever-building cult status, or how prescient it would be thirty years later. Chilling images of Carpenter’s skull-faced aliens and the film’s ominous slogans have inspired numerous artists (not the least of which is street artist/activist Shepard Fairey); to say that They Live has had a cultural impact beyond its initial release is something of an understatement. There is no horror movie more appropriate for our current political times, so it only seems fitting to revisit this masterful cinematic metaphor, and once again OBEY!

Dir. John Carpenter, 1988, 35mm, 93 min.

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