The Yes Men Are Revolting (LA premiere w/ The YES MEN, co-director Laura Nix and EP Adam McKay in person!)

Co-presented by Funny or Die, with Yes Men/directors Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonann, co-director Laura Nix, and Executive Producer Adam McKay in person for the Q&A!

America’s favorite agitprop pranksters are back, this time to take on Global Warming with their arsenal of bogus press conferences and assumed identities. Part Bond/part Borat, Mike (the straight one) and Andy (the gay one) boomerang the globe – storming the UN with Survivaballs™ (giant inflatable condoms that protect you from atomic radiation and terrorist attack alike), plotting with Ugandan activists to demand “carbon debt reparations” at a Copenhagen climate summit, introducing Shell’s new Arctic Drilling slogan in Seattle (“We’re Pumped!”), shanghai-ing the U.S. Chamber of Commerce or the Homeland Security Conference, or delivering a fake polar bear to the Amsterdam Zoo, courtesy Russian oil leviathan Gazprom. Along the way, we get privileged windows into their private lives: Mike’s parents in upstate New York, or the birth of his child in Scotland; Andy’s new Brooklyn boyfriend, or the airplane graveyard outside Tucson that was his high school refuge. Until history overtakes them – the Arab Spring, Zuccotti Park, Hurricane Sandy – and they get their victory lap as accidental elders. Fans of Mads Brugger or Phil Hendrie, take note.

Dir. Andy Bichlbaum, Mike Bonann, Laura Nix, 2014, DCP, 91 min.