The Wraith

Like it’s titular rider, The Wraith is one of the 80s more below-the-radar gems, and a tire-squealing, good-time ghost ride. Pre-winning (but really winning) Charlie Sheen plays a mysterious teen who comes to a desert town looking for love and maybe a lil’ vengeance, and finds an absurdly hot Sherilyn Fenn, who is being harassed by her murderous, street racing ex-boyfriend – played with scenery-chewing gusto by John Cassavetes’ son and future director himself, Nick Cassavetes. Got all that? To say more would spoil the fun; if you love 80s horror and/or motorcycle exploitation and you’ve somehow missed this turbo-charged thrill-ride, it’s time to rectify that with some high octane, big screen, beyond the grave vengeance!

Print courtesy of the American Genre Film Archive.

Dir. Mike Marvin, 1986, 35mm, 93 min.

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