"The Worst Idea Of All Time" podcast finale + Grown Ups 2

What started as a lark has snowballed into one of the great podcasting success stories: Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery are two stand-up comedian pals from New Zealand who, on a whim in early 2014, resolved to watch the Adam Sandler movie Grown Ups 2 once a week for an entire year — followed by a podcast review after each viewing. Equal parts Andy Kaufman and Human Giant, this seemingly innocuous mission has turned the boys’ lives inside-out: not only has the show broken many iTunes records, but they’ve experienced in full public view the elation, devastation and existential wormhole-ing that comes with such a psyche-altering journey. Their show consistently works not just because of their ever-changing relationship to the film, but really cuz Tim’s funny, Guy’s funny — and put together, they have the undeniable chemistry of a well-oiled comedy duo not unlike the greats from decades past. They’re travelling all the way to Cinefamily in person, for the taping of their grand finale podcast (plus viewing #52, can you believe it?!), as well as an in-depth Q&A about their year-long process. The world works in mysterious ways.
Grown Ups 2 Dir. Dennis Dugan, 2013, HD presentation, 101 min.

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