The Woman (special sneak preview, director Lucky McKee in person!)

“A wonderfully bizarre tale of what could be in the Top 10 Most Fucked-Up Families ever portrayed in film.” — Ain’t It Cool News

“It may just open people’s eyes to the reality of what some women in our glorious world go through every day of their lives.” — Dread Central

Be the first to see the gruesome, gripping and totally unpredictable brand-new film from Lucky McKee (May, Red, The Woods) before it opens in theaters on October 14th! Coming onto the Cinefamily screen straight from a highly controversial festival run, The Woman (adapted from an equally notorious novel by horror writer Jack Ketchum) is the tale of a twisted family man who must do what he can to protect his brood, when he comes into contact with a feral woman living in the woods near his isolated country home. Unrelenting in its portrayal of the evils of misogny, and so startling an experience that more than one Sundance-goer had equally eruptive reactions during screenings, The Woman will not leave you unchanged, for it is as visceral as any horror film you will encounter this year. Director Lucky McKee will be here for a Q&A after the film!
Dir. Lucky McKee, 2011, 108 min.

Watch the trailer for “The Woman”!
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