The Wanderers (w/ Philip Kaufman in person!)

New restoration!

In apricot-colored nylon jackets with their name emblazoned in red on the back, “The Wanderers” signal themselves as the toughest greaser gang in the Bronx. These hot headed rumble fish are out to prove it all, setting their sights on all the other gangs in their multi-ethnic borough. Set at the end of the doo-wop era, this underseen period piece manages to satisfy both nostalgic and revisionist urges with its detail, stacked soundtrack, and rich complexity. Based on Richard Price’s first novel (published when he was only 24) and directed with nuanced craft by Philip Kaufman, this forgotten gem, recently restored by Kino Lorber Repertory, captures with humor and poignancy the halcyon days of wandering urban youth.

Dir. Philip Kaufman, 1979, DCP, 112 min.

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