The Untamed

Take a healthy dose of sexually charged interpersonal drama, mix in some Lovecraft by way of Zulawski’s Possession and stew in a broth of Mexican mysticism and you have Amat Escalante’s The Untamed. Following up his critical darling Heli, Escalante, a supernova among Mexico City’s new wave of rising star directors, has a flawless sense of tone, deftly balancing the light and dark of his character’s explosive personal lives with shocking cosmic weirdness, body horror, and graphic sex. In exploring the interplay between machismo, homophobia and closeted homosexuality, as framed in Latin culture, the film becomes both a literal and metaphorical monster movie, its tentacled, pleasure-offering creature a corporeal manifestation of the characters’ tortured quest for satisfaction of both body and spirit. More than mere provocation, Escalante’s vision is every bit as honest as it is horrifying and beautiful, a bold cinematic voice that is sure to find an international audience.

Dir. Amat Escalante, 2016, DCP, 100 min.

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