The Trouble With Harry

Death is a terribly funny inconvenience. One of Hitchcock’s most carefree, droll pieces — along with being one of his personal favorites out of his entire filmography, The Trouble With Harry is as colorfully cast and sharply dry-witted as any Wes Anderson or Wodehouse tale. Who is this dead Harry fellow — and will the peculiar inhabitants of an entire countryside town unwittingly implicate themselves in this man’s bothersome demise? Can an absurdly cocky abstract painter and a precocious widow (Shirley MacLaine in her debut film role!) ever find true love — or only true murder?! And what’s behind that squeaky closet door, anyway??? Meeting with poor box office upon its initial release during Hitchcock’s peak, and subsequently vaulted for over 30 years, The Trouble With Harry re-emerges as Hitchcock’s cheekiest comedy. Care for a spot of rigor mortis with your afternoon tea? Then this one’s for you, old chaps!
Dir. Alfred Hitchcock, 1955, 35mm, 90min.

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