The Trouble with Angels and Where Angels Go Trouble Follows! double feature

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With an all nun DJ set by our promotions director/programmer Taylor Rowley (KXLU‘s The Windmills of Your Mind)!

Based on the book My Life with Mother Superior by June Trahey, The Trouble with Angels was actress Ida Lupino’s last feature film in the director’s chair. The American counterpart to Britain’s The Belles of St. Trinian’s, Columbia’s massively successful 1966 comedy follows PG-rated bad girls Mary (a 20 year old Hayley Mills, fresh off her career as Disney’s number one child star) and her sidekick Rachel (June Harding in her first and sadly last film role) in a New England Catholic boarding school as they sneak cigarettes in the girl’s room, play hooky on Silent Sunday, and execute, as Mary would say, “scathingly brilliant” schemes to get under the skin of the sisters. These two handfuls are under the charge of an exasperated, eye-rolling Reverend Mother (played expertly by queen of the reaction shot Rosalind Russell, of Gypsy and Auntie Mame fame) who leads a superfluity of subordinate nuns, including several played by character actresses who made careers out of donning the wimple and veil – Mary Wickes (Sister Act 1 & 2), Marge Redmond (The Flying Nun), and Portia Nelson (The Sound of Music).

Featuring a titular theme song written and performed by psych-pop duo Boyce & Hart, the 1968 follow-up Where Angels Go Trouble Follows! has Rosalind Russell returning with a schoolbus full of new delinquent schoolgirls for a cross-country road trip as the sixties swing into full force. From peace rallies (“break bread not the peace!”) to psychedelic dance parties to biker pow-wows, young free-wheelin’ Sister George (Stella Stevens of The Nutty Professor fame) and Russell’s old-line Reverend Mother illustrate the generation gap between the old ways of the order and post-Vatican II in tumultuous modern America.

Sometimes silly, often touching, and 100% sincere, to say we love these movies would be a (n)understatement!

The Trouble with Angels, dir. Ida Lupino, 1966, 35mm, 112 min.
Where Angels Go Trouble Follows!, dir. James Neilson, 1968, 35mm, 93 min.

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