The Tingler (Presented in "Percepto"!)

Cinefamily presents our favorite annual Halloween tradition: the spine-tingling horror of The Tingler, William Castle’s weirdo masterpiece of gimmickry about a lobster-shaped monster that feeds on terror within the human body! Aside from being the first film to use LSD as a plot device, the original theatrical run was presented in “Percepto,” whereby theater patrons were administered buzzer shocks in their seats, to simulate the monster’s attack. The result, of course, was giddy insanity, as star Vincent Price’s voice urges patrons to “scream for your lives!” As if that wasn’t enough, The Tingler features a major subplot based on our very own Silent Movie Theatre and its original owners, the Hamptons. Feel a tingle up your spine as you watch these scenes set in the very location where you are sitting—and maybe a tingle on your tuchas when we shock you Castle-style with real wired seats!

Dir. William Castle, 1959, DCP, 82 min.

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