Feat. Live Accompaniment from Cliff Retallick!

The first of three King Vidor films featuring Marion Davies, The Patsy is an energetic and frothy comedy, charmingly driven by its screwball leading lady. Vidor—one of the great filmmakers of the 1920s—made the film at the insistence of William Randolph Hearst, newspaper man and media mogul, who confidently cooked up the idea for this hit. Davies, previously known for drama, shines as something of a proto-teenager in an auspicious start to her collaborations with Vidor, alongside Marie Dressler (as her overbearing mother) and Dell Henderson as her father. Don’t miss this sharp director-actress collaboration; in Marion’s words, “a good motion picture, according to Mr. Vidor, should not be an imitation of the stage, which is inevitably an interpretation of life. It should be, on the contrary, a copy of life, and the director a sort of reporter who transcribes on celluloid…”

Dir. King Vidor, 1928, 35mm, 78 min.

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