THE SILENT TREATMENT: The Complete Metropolis

As this is a restored DCP presentation, The Complete Metropolis will NOT feature a live score.

A time-honored, pioneering portrait of an Expressionist Tomorrowland, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis had it all (according to its original press release): “8 stars, 25,000 men, 11,000 women, 1,100 bald people, 250 children, 3,500 pairs of special shoes, 50 cars.” What it also contained was a brilliant distillation of the Germany’s unconscious Zeitgeist energies, as that country lurched toward fascism in the Thirties—not to mention a peerless batch of indelible images.

After the film’s 1927 premiere in Berlin, it was savagely cut down to a much shorter version for American release, down from fourteen reels to seven, totally transforming the story. Lost bits and pieces surfaced over the years, but large portions of the film remained lost—until 2008, when curator Paula Felix-Didier and archivist Fernando Pena found a 16mm safety reduction negative of the uncut Metropolis in the archives of the Museo Del Cine, in Buenos Aires. Containing almost all of the missing material, this discovery—the film historian’s Dead Sea Scrolls or Rosetta Stone—served as a blueprint for a multinational restoration team. The result is a historic filmic event, and the closest you’ll ever get to seeing the Metropolis, just as Lang intended.

Dir. Fritz Lang, 1927, DCP Restoration, 149 min.

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