THE SILENT TREATMENT: Synthetic Sin (Los Angeles Restoration Premiere!)

This super-rare silent stars Colleen Moore, one of the very first Hollywood “flappers,” a hugely talented and popular comedienne who is far less known than she should be, with a number of her films lost and just a few existing titles. Synthetic Sin is vintage Moore at her finest, a romp in which a young woman marries a famed playwright, gets cast to star in his new play and bombs because she’s too unsophisticated. She then attempts to become more worldly wise in order to make it as a serious actor and she checks into a dive hotel in New York and rubs shoulders with gangsters while necking illicit booze: “Let’s you and I make hey-hey while there’s moonshine!” It’s utterly ludicrous and tainted by an unpalatable “blackface” scene, but a sparkling showcase for Moore’s comic skill and charm.

Premiere of the Los Angeles restoration by Warner Brothers from the recently discovered print in Italy!

Feat. Live Accompaniment from Cliff Retallick!

Dir. William A. Selter, 1929, DCP, 72 min.

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