THE SILENT TREATMENT: John Barrymore in "Tempest"

John Barrymore: one of the titans of the silent screen, who tackled such juicy roles as those in Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1920), Sherlock Holmes (1922), Beau Brummel (1924), Captain Ahab in The Sea Beast (the silent adaptation of Moby Dick) and Don Juan (1926.) In Tempest, Barrymore plays the suave half of a stirring romance against the backdrop of the Russian revolution! Barrymore is Sgt. Ivan Markov, a dedicated soldier who defies the rigid class system while rising through the ranks of military and society — and falls in love with a haughty princess who eventually spurns him, and causes him to be stripped of rank. However, the tables are turned when the prophecy of a people’s revolt is realized… Complimenting Barrymore’s on-screen prowess is Camilla Horn, who so brilliantly lit up Murnau’s Faust. Here, she displays “a histrionic ability which promises to offer keen competition to both Greta Garbo and Vilma Banky.” (Photoplay) Also featuring Oscar-winning cinematography, and impeccable art direction by the legendary William Cameron Menzies (The Thief of Bagdad)!
Dir. Sam Taylor, 1928, 35mm, 111 min. (Print courtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive)

Watch an excerpt from “Tempest”!
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