THE SILENT TREATMENT: Joan Crawford in "Our Modern Maidens"

Ever wonder how a jitterbug-crazy Texan girl could petrify into the coat-hanger-wielding monster of Mommie Dearest? Step one: reach explosive box-office stardom as a stunning Silent Siren. Joan Crawford is remembered in large part for the infamous actions that bought her a permanent place in pop culture, but in 1929’s Our Modern Maidens, Crawford was simply a gorgeous gal with a penchant for partying and causing love troubles. Made on the heels of Our Dancing Daughters (the film which catapulted Crawford to fame and eventual fortune), Maidens is a smart, flashy film that teams up our lady with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., who at the time was Crawford’s real-life paramour. Joan certainly ruffled feathers and titillated swarms of movie-goers with this tempestuous, sexy Pre-Code treat, featuring quite risqué subject matter for the times — including an out-of-wedlock pregnancy! A total Twenties smash hit, Our Modern Maidens marked Crawford’s final silent performance.
Dir. Jack Conway, 1929, 35mm, 76 min.

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