The Rock 'N' Roll Trailer Show (presented by the Academy Film Archive!)

The Who, Dylan, Elvis, The Beatles, Bowie, Talking Heads, animated hard rock, hip-hop-sploitation, rockabilly gunslingers, new wave noir, prog pomposity, three-chord poses and more — all on film, in one big rock ‘n roll coming-attractions mixtape. Tonight’s show (part of a continuing program presented by the Academy Film Archive, home of the largest 35mm trailer collection in the world) gives you a four-on-the-floor selection of the wildest and most artful rock-related pre-show entertainment from the last several decades — many of which haven’t been seen since they originally screened in theaters. From Hollywood’s take on psychedelia to killer concert docs, coming-of-age croonfests, and hard rock horror, the sights and sounds of these three-minute throwbacks will make you want to get the band back together. This will pretty much be the only time EVER that all these fantastic and rare trailers will be gathered in one place on 35mm — so all fans of music movies should make this show a priority! Prints courtesy of the Academy Film Archive, with special thanks to the Packard Humanities Institute.

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “The Rock ‘N’ Roll Trailer Show”!