The Red Shoes (Video Nasties winners' pick!)

Going against the grain, one of our Video Nasties contest winners has picked a movie quite unlike most of her contemporaries: the 1948 Powell-Pressburger masterpiece The Red Shoes. Whatever the context, we’re always down to screen it. “The realisation that we’re in the presence of genius comes just a few minutes into The Red Shoes, as a gaggle of eager balletomanes take their places for an inaugural performance. The roar around them fades, a cheery onscreen ticker reads ‘45 minutes later’, and Michael Powell moves us forward in time without even breaking the shot. These quietly radical directorial flourishes can be found throughout the film, but what sets this greatest of all British filmmakers apart from the competition is his refusal to thrust his genius in the audience’s face. Until the time comes to cut loose, at which point Powell unleashes the most eye-popping visual extravaganza imaginable. Blending impressionist art and expressionist film, blurring the barriers between theatre and cinema, body and camera, reality and dream, drawing equally on the avant-garde and the classical, the centrepiece ballet is a sequence of sheer, reckless transcendence.” — TimeOut
Dirs. Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger, 1948, 35mm, 133 min.

Watch the trailer for “The Red Shoes”!
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