The Prophecy (with Writer/Director/Creator Gregory Widen, Adam Goldberg, Moriah Bearquiver ("Mary"), Mark Villalobos (Special Effects) & Composer David Williams in person!

Come catch Christopher Walken—in what is surely his only portrayal of an evil angel (sporting a very shiny hairdo)—in The Prophecy. This bizarre and engrossing mash-up of fantasy and thriller—“basically a spy thriller with angels instead of agents” (Variety)—is a strange and magical relic from 1995, dubbed an “occult freakshow” (Entertainment Weekly), and complete with a cult following. This is one of those weird and wonderfully inexplicable movies, so for those of you who aren’t sold already, just trust us. Plus, Gregory Widen (Writer, Director, and Creator) and star Adam Goldberg will be joining us at this screening!!

Dir. Gregory Widen, 1995, 35mm, 98 min.