The Pit

Co-presented by Alamo Drafthouse Los Angeles

Lost in the wave of great horror films of the early 80s, Lew Lehman’s The Pit is a title any lover of creepy kid movies should know and cherish. It tells the story of young Jamie and his stuffed bear Teddy, who urges him to perform depraved acts, not the least of which is feeding people to diminutive monsters that live in the titular woods-enshrouded pit. It’s basically the movie Ted–only good. Lehman masterfully captures that wonderful sleazy vibe that had dissipated by the late 80s, and is no slouch when it comes to laying down the scares and suspense. But the film’s real MVP is Sammy Snyder’s appropriately off-putting Jamie, a character that sits comfortably in the pantheon of murderous cinematic children, right alongside Nancy Kelly’s The Bad Seed and Macaulay Culkin’s The Good Son. Do as Teddy demands and join us in The Pit, won’t you?

Dir. Lew Lehman, 1981, DCP restoration, 96 min.