The Outside Man (9/13)

One of the coolest films highlighted in Los Angeles Plays Itself, and a full meal of early-’70s L.A. flavor. From LAPI filmmaker Thom Andersen’s program notes for the Pacific Film Archive: “Jacques Deray is the post-Melville master of the serie noire movie, and The Outside Man may be his masterpiece. Jean-Louis Trintignant plays a hit man dispatched from Paris to Los Angeles to assassinate the local mob boss, but his employers have set him up to take a hit from inside man Roy Scheider. He becomes an involuntary tourist, dependent on the kindness of strangers, notably Ann-Margret as the manager of a topless bar. Stripped of his passport and his rental car, he must make his way through a city that is portrayed without false glamour, and it seems that the filmmakers are discovering the city along with their protagonist. In The Outside Man, Los Angeles is a city of constant motion where the anonymous public spaces of streets and parking lots provide more safety than the private spaces of homes and apartments.”
Dir. Jacques Deray, 1973, 35mm, 104 min.

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