THE MIDNIGHT MAFIA: Elvis Presley in "Follow That Dream"

The King of Rock and Roll’s filmography can be a bit unwieldy to tackle — a little over 30 movies made in a little less than 15 years(!), of widely varying quality — but few are as honestly hilarious, low-key or offbeat than Follow That Dream, an early-’60s effort written by the fantastic Charles Lederer (who had a sizeable hand in crafting scripts for such classics as The Front Page, His Girl Friday, Ocean’s 11 and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.) In this gentle redneck comedy, Elvis plays the oldest son in a large family that finds itself stranded on the Florida coast. Amongst a handful of breezy musical numbers, the King is genuinely good in this kooky character study; far from his oft-wooden, “how did I get here, and where’s the nearest exit?” style of filmic performance, Elvis here exudes the same kind of effortless charm and smoky sexuality that initially shot him to superstardom.
Dir. Gordon Douglas, 1962, 35mm, 109 min.

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