The Magic Blade + mystery Shaw Bros. film!

“This exciting extravaganza is the kind of kung fu spectacle that spawned us geeks in the first place.” — DVD Talk

One of the great jewels of Shaw Brothers’ golden age, this 1976 kung fu wonder pairs up genre favorites Ti Lung (doing an Eastern-style Clint Eastwood impression) and Lo Lieh as adversaries entangled with protecting and sometimes retrieving the precious Peacock Dart. It’s really just an excuse for a relentless display of astonishing physical feats and crazy plot twists, including a human chess game and a senior citizen cannibal assassin named Devil Grandma. It doesn’t get much better than this textbook definition of a good time at the movies — so come revel in and one of the best examples of the fantasy/swordsman wuxia genre. The evening’s secret second Shaw Brothers feature will also be on 35mm!
The Magic Blade Dir. Chor Yuen, 1976, 35mm, 86 min.

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