The Love Witch

With a set by DJ Crimson Creature

For acolytes of old-school celluloid, 2016 offered no better way to live deliciously than Anna Biller’s mesmeric and hilarious The Love Witch. Biller, a high priestess in the dark art of cinematic enticement, wrote, produced, designed, directed and edited this adoring 1960s throwback, which traces the left-handed path of a love-starved sorceress (Samantha Robinson, a dead ringer for giallo diva Edwige Fenech), whose magical seductions spell toil and trouble for weak-willed men. Just as the lurid colors of classic Eurosleaze cloak the film’s unmistakably feminist heart, Biller’s celluloid fetishism is more than mere camp: shot, edited and projected at Cinefamily in dazzling 35mm, The Love Witch summons the alchemical power of cinema as a medium for unleashing desire and as a communal form of ritual lovemaking. See it with someone you hex!

Dir. Anna Biller, 2016, 35mm, 120 min.

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