The Journey of Natty Gann (w/ Meredith Salenger, Dir. Jeremy Kagan, Screenwriter Jeanne Rosenberg, Producer Mike Lobell, Costume Designer Albert Wolsky, Actors Lainie Kazan & Ray Wise in person!)

Spunky, plucky, and full of moxie—no, we’re not describing a Depression-era American Girl doll, but the undeniably charismatic titular heroine of The Journey of Natty Gann, a gem from the famed and now beloved Disney “dark years.” We follow our tough girl protagonist—a newsie cap-clad train-hopping raggamuffin—as she travels the well worn path to the American west in pursuit of her father, a rugged midwestern lumberjack, played by a pre-Twin Peaks Ray Wise (his midwestern stolid handsomeness uncorrupted by Lynch’s perversions).

Natty is independent and resourceful, basking in the American landscape all alone save for a wild Wolf companion and a dreamy and baby-face young John Cusack as a sort of fast-and-loose fairy godmother she picks up along the way. It’s an an artifact from the treasured old world of children’s movies–a time when PG meant something slightly different, stories were darker and grittier, and cinematic portraits of childhood complex, subtle, and true to life If you never seen any of these “lost” Disney films, you can’t miss this one, which will feature star Meredith Salenger and a whole host of Cast & Crew members in person!

Dir. Jeremy Kagan, 1985, DCP, 101 min.

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