The Inner Scar & Chromo Sud (with Jackie Raynal in person)

Co-presented by Veggie Cloud

The Inner Scar

A film like no other, The Inner Scar (La cicatrice intérieure) is a seductive and mysteriously existential ramble through various barren landscapes, helmed by Velvet Underground chanteuse Nico (who provides songs for the film), Pierre Clementi, director Philippe Garrel himself (with whom she had a ten year relationship), and even Nico’s son. You’ll recognize the cover the 1970 album Desertshore as being plucked from this gorgeous, primal moan of a film.

Dir. Philippe Garrel, 1972, DCP, 60 min.

Chromo Sud

Though he only made three films, Etienne O’Leary’s work is an impactful feat of editing. Peripheral to the Zanzibar group, but an ideal companion, Chromo Sud is a pulsing, psychedelic drug fueled freakout in which shots from the barricades of May ‘68 protests become a single, layered, flashing, collage for 21 vital minutes.

Dir. Etienne O’Leary, 1968, 16mm, 21 min.

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