The Hunt

From both its subject and its sales pitch, The Hunt doesn’t look or smell like a thriller, but people with a taste for gripping, vice-like plots will find themselves sucked easily into this smalltown melodrama. Danish filmmaker Thomas Vinterberg (whom most know from the Dogme 95 classic The Celebration) here creates irreversible, unstoppable tragedy — a slow motion car crash of a movie, with Mads Mikkelsen at its center. You watch as one tiny, innocent yet false accusation turns all of a man’s neighbors and friends against him, with increasing levels of punishment and stress. Even though the film did well theatrically and it’s shortlisted for the Oscars, folks still haven’t seen it. It’s the kind of arthouse film that could get missed easily — perhaps it’s a bit too well-oiled a dramatic machine. Plus, anything that has subtitles but doesn’t have obvious genre elements is likely to elude those just looking for a good flick. But it’s a humdinger of a movie, everything is quality here: it looks good, it’s acted well, and works like a charm.
Dir. Thomas Vinterberg, 2012, digital presentation, 115 min.

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