The Hollywood Shorties (w/ director Ryan Steven Green + actors Jimmy Briscoe & Joe Gieb in person!)

In 1939, calls were out for little people in Hollywood; The Wizard of Oz was casting the film’s iconic munchkins.They came to Los Angeles from all over the world, and many stayed, meaning that Hollywood was suddenly home to a dense and vibrant community of little people. There’s power in numbers, and by 1948 Billy Barty (who eventually formed the Little People of America) started a little people-only softball team. By the 70s, the team was playing basketball. They were athletes, advocates, fundraisers, and entertainers—showmen in the true spirit of their Tinseltown namesake, going on to play halftime shows at Lakers and Clippers games and more. The Hollywood Shorties are no more—but Ryan Steven Green (nephew of late Shorty Larry Green) takes us on a tour of the players victories and show-stopping performances—on and off screen.

Dir. Ryan Steven Green, 2016, DCP, 85 min.