The Heart, She Holler (sneak preview, Patton Oswalt & show creators in person!)

Co-presented by Adult Swim

From the creators of “Wonder Showzen” and “Xavier: Renegade Angel” comes a completely fried new Adult Swim live-action soap opera about folk who ain’t never used soap or seen an opera. Starring Patton Oswalt, “The Heart, She Holler” is a satire on the emotional Hee-Hawification of America, set in a town so inbred that the residents have become almost supernaturally wrong. Join us for a sneak preview of this completely warped creation, as we watch all six episodes in this unprecedented miniseries! Co-star Patton Oswalt and show creator/director Vernon Chatman will be here at the Cinefamily in person for a Q&A after the screening!

Watch the trailer for “The Heart, She Holler”!
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