The Haunted Palace


Poe and Lovecraft come together for one of the most unusual Vincent Price chillers of the Sixties. Sounds a bit odd, eh? Technically, only the film’s title comes from a classic Poe(m), as the whole Roger Corman-helmed shebang’s really based on Lovecraft’s short story “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward”; it’s the first-ever Lovecraft film adaptation, how cool is that? Set in one of H.P.’s most familiar locations — the New England burg of Arkham — Corman unfolds the tale of Vincent Price in a dual role: an inheritor of a large estate (Price #1) who finds out that his ancestor (Price #2) was burned at the state over a century earlier for being a warlock. Seems the terrified townsfolk weren’t wrong, for the ancient dude employed the infamous Necronomicon to summer the Elder Gods, Cthulhu and Yog-Sothoth — and even now, the townies blame deformities plaguing Arkham on the ageless curse. Moody, broody, and co-starring the always-fun character actors Elisha Cook, Jr. and Lon Chaney, Jr., The Haunted Palace is Price at the top of his smirking, fully regal game.
Dir. Roger Corman, 1963, 35mm, 87 min.

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