The Great Land of Small & The Outlaw League (producer Rock Demers in person!)

Producer Rock Demers (The Peanut Butter Solution) swings by the Cinefamily for a second evening of films from his long-running “Tales For All” series: The Great Land of Small (another one of our early faves from this unusual slate of films), plus the very latest, The Outlaw League.

The Great Land of Small – 5:00pm
Vojtech Jasny, the penner of Peanut Butter, climbs into the director’s chair for an adventure just as unusual and unpredictable. Two small children take a full-on Cirque du Soleil journey into the heart of the woods with a leprechaun named Fritz (played by Twin Peaks’ smallest cast member, Michael J. Anderson!) In fact, GLOS is a lot like Twin Peaks, with Anderson dancing often and looking wild, with gold glitter caught in his beard. Jasny’s serious intent mixes swimmingly with the film’s bizarrely surreal antics.
Dir. Vojtech Jasny, 1987, 35mm, 93 min.

The Outlaw League – approx. 7:00pm
Well past the Eighties, Rock Demers never stopped the “Tales For All” train, delivering merriment to kids of all ages across the globe. As part of Rock’s visit to L.A., he brings us the very latest in the series: The Outlaw League, the story of a Quebecois 12-year-old’s undying passion for baseball, and its transformative power in the face of tragedy.
Dir. Jean Beaudry, 2014, DCP.

Watch a vintage TV spot for “The Great Land of Small”!
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