The Gate (plus Q&A w/ director Tibor Takacs!)

From the golden era of cinema’s small horrible creatures (Gremlins, Ghoulies, Gary Coleman, etc.) comes The Gate, a film which remains just as genuinely spooky and cool as from when it first primed your childhood nightmares! In his feature debut, Stephen Dorff plays a precocious kiddie who accidentally unleashes the gate to Hades in his Spielbergian suburban backyard. Exploring the same haunting, hallucinatory territory of Phantasm or the original Evil Dead, and containing a very large number of indelible freaky images, The Gate is special due to its comittment to unsettle you; not satisfied with merely presenting a torrent of demonic little homunculi (portrayed incredibly by actors in suits rendered tiny and hellish through forced-perspective and other camera tricks), director Tibor Takács also turns up the moody burn to a fever pitch, and doesn’t skimp on the legitimate, non-kid-friendly scares. Also, it is a well established fact that any movie that uses a Satanic Heavy Metal record as a plot device is awesome. Don’t be late…for The Gate! Director Tibor Takács will join us via Skype for a Q&A before the film!
Dir. Tibor Takacs, 1987, 35mm, 85 min.

Watch Friday Night Frights’ trailer for “The Gate”!