The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (co-stars Mackenzie Astin & Arturo Gil in person!)

Co-presented by Gallery 1988

“In the flatulence of Windy Winston, or the halitosis of Foul Phil; in the juxtaposition of Ali Gator and Greaser Greg’s very destructive, yet very different lusts for flesh; in the seeming urinary incontinence of Nat Nerd; in the magic mucus of Messy Tessy; and in the green stream that gives Valerie Vomit her namesake — in each of these, there is a sort of ontological anarchy, chaos as being…” — Andrew Hedden, Bright Lights Film Journal

Being gross never felt so good! Take our hand as we pay homage to the greatest, grimiest and downright weirdest feature film ever based upon the magic of childrens’ trading cards! Made at the very height of late ‘80s Garbage Pail Kids fever, this live-action origin tale takes some of the card line’s most famous mutants and posits them as a Greek chorus of confidantes to Dodger (Mackenzie Astin), a 12-year-old boy out to both defeat brain-dead bullies and win the heart of a disinterested teenage New Wave fashion designer. This potentially wholesome affair is liberally doused with enough farting, beer drinking, hair-sniffing, puking, sewer diving, wink-wink pedophiliac subtext, booger-picking and musical numbers to send any parent screaming for the hills — making TGPKM the very definition of sublimely so-wrong-it’s-right late-night viewing. Did we mention the musical numbers? Schedules permitting, co-stars Mackenzie Astin and Arturo Gil (“Windy Winston”) will be here for a Q&A after the film — plus, join us on the back patio for the unveiling of Gallery 1988’s newly-commissioned GPK-themed art show!
Dir. Rod Amateau, 1987, 35mm, 96 min.

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