The FP (3/17, cast/crew in person!)

Fraizer Park: an alternate trailer trash dimension out of time and space. Within these county lines, a Dance-Dance-Revolution-inspired dystopian underground prevails — only, in this game, losing can be fatal. The dumpster lovechild of Mad Max, Idiocracy and Footloose, The FP weaves a harrowing tale of bros, hos, and fancy footwork. After the tragic “dirt nap” (i.e. death) of his beloved bro, JTRO thinks he’s out of the game for good — but when a turf war threatens to rip the town apart, it’s up to our hero to set shit straight once again in an ultimate montage-loving battle for vengeance, until only one man is left dancing. With an epic 1980s John Carpenter-meets-JPop soundtrack, gratuitous nudity, and a flurry of neon streetwear, this film is going to blow your brain, for reals. Cast/crew members in person
Dirs. Brandon & Jason Trost, 2011, HDCAM, 83 min.

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