The Fly (1958)

Standing side by side in the “seminal science-horror monsterpiece” department with Cronenberg’s landmark Eighties remake is this classic 1958 slice of terror. Directed by Kurt Neumann (Rocketship X-M) and starring our man Vincent Price, the original tale of a scientist who accidentally fuses his DNA with that of a common housefly was a total scream-inducing shocker to audiences of the time, and remains one of the iconic frightfests of its time. Featuring great performances and ghastly make-up effects, this Technicolor treasure pushed Atomic Age anxieties into the kinds of horrific places that are still fresh to this day. The Fly would be well worth celebrating even if it weren’t for the presence of Price — but who’s complaining? Hop in your teleporter and join us for this master class in slow-building dread!
Dir. Kurt Neumann, 1958, DCP, 94 min.

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