THE FILMS OF KAREL ZEMAN: The Stolen Airship or Two Years' Vacation

Co-presented by Czech That Film

Hallucinatory, satirical, and unexpectedly peppered with zany spy antics, The Stolen Airship is a brilliant synthesis of Karel Zeman’s career-spanning preoccupations — the scientific Voyages extraordinaires of Jules Verne, the high adventure of Boy’s Own-style children’s fiction, spunky updates of antique art styles, and of course eclectic combinations of far-flung special effects techniques — tinged with the rebellious and exuberant spirit that blossomed in Czechoslovakia during the 1960s. The film’s heroes are five boys stuck on a runaway airship soaring across the world as their small-minded parents and townsmen compete to transform their misfortune into a strategic opportunity for the yellow newspaper, shady capitalists, and government war-hawks. Art Nouveau influences mix with hyper-stylized pop art methodologies in dazzling composited images built with color-tinting, cut-out animations, hand-painted sets that look like Victorian engravings, newsprint, trick photography and stop-motion, juxtaposed eccentrically with wildlife footage and slapstick comedy.

Dir. Karel Zeman, 1967, HD Digital Presentation, 1967

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