THE FILMS OF JOACHIM TRIER: An Evening w/ Joachim Trier Feat. Rare Short Films + Oslo, August 31st (w/ Trier in person!)

Co-presented by the USC School of Cinematic Arts

Loosely based on Louis Malle’s Le Feu Follet (in turn based on French author Pierre Drieu La Rochelle’s 1931 novel of the same name), Joachim Trier’s sophomore feature is a taut and precise film, just like his first (Reprise). Also starring Anders Danielsen Lie—this time as a recovering addict—Oslo maintains the gravitas of Reprise, reminding viewers that sometimes youthful ambition and talent beget mundane tragedy, rather than success. Anders has been permitted to leave rehab for one day, for a job interview—a day during which Trier sees his protagonist teeter on the brink of both recovery and relapse, tragedy and a return to stale, quotidian life. Sympathetic, but never cloying or trite, Trier and co-writer Eskil Vogt have penned a story which sees the enigmatic and intelligent Anders with clear eyes and persistent ambiguity, never prescribing cliché to his sense of dread, and never granting the audience reprieve from suspense. Tepid and uncomfortable, Trier’s film isn’t easy, as it illuminates the oppressiveness of contemporary life, even beyond Anders’s situation—but it delivers, beautifully and honestly.

The evening’s program will also include a selection of Trier’s rarely screened early short films.

Dir. Joaquim Trier, 2011, 35mm, 95 min.

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