The Face With Two Left Feet

Our very first mid-week Midnight Mafia 35mm throwdown is not a mere toe-dip into the waters of the truly weird, but rather a full cannonball into the deep end of Ludicrous Creek! It’s summed up in two words: John Travolto. Yes, rub the sleep outta your eyes and focus on that line of text — John Travolto, the centerpiece of the 1979 Italian disco ripoff The Face With Two Left Feet! It’s a simple premise, really: a nerdy hotel cook who bears an extreme likeness to John Travolta is roped by his friends into posing as the Hollywood star, in order for all of them to sneak into the disco nightclubs of their choice. Watch them work their into the swanky hangout “John’s Fever”(!), and steal the dance competition out from underneath their rude competitors’ collective tuchus. Badass Digest puts it best: “The star’s carefully altered and manicured face bears such a bizarre resemblance to Travolta that you’re actually riveted as your mind, unengaged by the plot at any time, tries to imagine the genesis of the film — did they find this guy before they decided to make this film? (Signs point to yes.)”
Dir. Neri Parenti, 1979, 35mm, 87 min.