An Evening With Nobuhiko Obayashi (director in person!)

Prepare to meet one of the most seismically influential Japanese film artists of the last fifty years. We’re talking a bounty of innovative, straight-up masterfully strange work in the widely varied realms of the experimental underground, the 30-second TV ad spot and the pop feature film; Nobuhiko Obayashi is indeed not only the pure genius that birthed House, but also iconic Japanese commercials with the likes of Charles Bronson, and Godard-like 8mm mini-masterpieces. In an extremely rare Stateside appearance, Nobuhiko-san will hang out with us on the Cinefamily stage, telling us tales of the fast-paced Japanese ad industry, what it was like to be one of the founding members of his country’s avant-garde film scene, and the origins of some of his most out-there creations. Plus, we’ll take a look at excerpts from his legendary Sixties film experiments!