The Executioner's Song (w/ Lawrence Schiller in person!)

Arguably Lawrence Schiller’s most notable achievement, The Executioner’s Song followed the publication of the Norman Mailer-authored book of the same name, a project conceived of and reported by Schiller, who contracted Mailer to write the story—an arrangement notable in and of itself—of the execution of convicted murderer Gary Gilmore by the state of Utah in 1977. The 1072-page “true life novel” charted the course of Gilmore’s execution—famed not only for it’s rarity but also the fact that Gilmore himself lobbied for his own execution. The film version, starring Tommy Lee Jones and Rosanna Arquette, has certainly not been easy to see since its 1982 release, so don’t miss this rare opportunity to catch the flick on the big screen, with Lawrence Schiller in person!

Dir Lawrence Schiller, 1982, Digibeta, 157 min.