The Evil Dead (brand-new 35mm print!)

Cinefamily is proud to present the uncut and explicit version of the most invigorating Video Nasty of them all, The Evil Dead! You can practically smell the blood, sweat and screams of video parties throughout Great Britain as Sam Raimi’s debut face-smasher conquered the nation, becoming the most-rented video of 1983 before being sidelined by the Video Recordings Act. Detailing five college students who unwittingly unleash demons while vacationing at an isolated cabin, The Evil Dead is a powerhouse of ingenuity, style and drive in the face of inexperience and low funding. Star Bruce Campbell sums it up: “Keep the pace fast and furious, and once the horror starts, never let up. ‘The gorier the merrier’ became our prime directive.” The film differs from its classic humor-laced sequels, though; it is genuinely vicious, while remaining viciously entertaining. Cinefamily is super-stoked to be the very first venue on earth to play Grindhouse Releasing’s brand-new 35mm print of The Evil Dead!
Dir. Sam Raimi, 1981, 35mm, 85 min. (35mm print courtesy of Grindhouse Releasing)

Watch the trailer for “The Evil Dead”!
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