The Event (w/ director Sergei Loznitsa in person!)

This program is co-presented by Los Angeles Filmforum with the support of the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts

In August 1991 a failed coup d’état attempt (known as Putsch) was orchestrated by a group of hard-core communists in Moscow, and followed by the collapse of the USSR soon after. As president Gorbachev was detained by the coup leaders, state-run TV and radio channels broadcast nothing but Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake,” while crowds gathered in the streets. Via found footage taken by eight cameramen in St. Petersburg (where a young Putin can be briefly seen), Loznitsa examines those crowds, as they sway between confusion, disbelief, anger, and empowerment. A quarter of a century after the political upheaval it depicts, The Event asks what really happened during the tumultuous August of 1991 – the collapse of an empire, or simply its the seeds of its creative reimagining?

Dir. Sergei Loznitsa, 2015, DCP, 74 min.

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