The Errand Boy + Bonjour Mr. Lewis, Part 3

BONJOUR MR. LEWIS, Part 3 – 4:00pm
The show opens with the third hour-long episode of Bonjour Mr. Lewis (the ultra-rare six-part 1982 French documentary series) focusing on Jerry’s comedic connection with children!

THE ERRAND BOY – approx 5:15pm
The perfect companion piece for Jerry’s directorial debut The Bellboy, The Errand Boy is both its mirror and its opposite.  Again, we’re given a minimally-plotted series of outrageous gags riffing on the misadventures of a lowly schlemiel in a big, pretentious institution — but whereas The Bellboy was a quiet film, a silent film homage in an environment of luxury and relaxation, The Errand Boy is more like a noisy, manic film shoot wrap party capturing all the crazed energy of the biz.  It’s also Jerry’s love letter to filmmaking — shot all over the Paramount lot, it’s a virtual documentary of the industry that could have been called “A Day at the Studio.”  The film gives you riffs on every aspect of filmmaking, from ADR sessions to test-screenings, and every profession is gently mocked from the mailroom shlubs all the way up to the starlets.  A rollicking, raucous, timeless romp!

The Errand Boy Dir. Jerry Lewis, 1961, 35mm, 92 min. (Archival 35mm print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive)
Bonjour Mr. Lewis (Part 3) Dir. Robert Benayoun, 1982, analog presentation, approx. 60 min.

Watch a classic pantomime routine from “The Errand Boy”!
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