The Equinox... A Journey Into the Supernatural (50th Anniversary w/ SFX Master Dennis Muren in person!)

Original 1967 version of the cult creature feature w/ Dennis Muren, lead actress and 1967 Rose Parade Queen Barbara Laughray and other special guests in person! The feature will be preceded by writer-director Brock DeShane’s Pondwing, a two-minute ode to a three-second shot in The Empire Strikes Back.

Before VFX guru Dennis Muren won nine Oscars for blockbusters like The Empire Strikes Back, E.T., and Jurassic Park, he was a Pasadena City College student, desperate to make a monster movie in the Harryhausen tradition. The result of his years-long labor is an homage to classic creature features that would become a favorite of fledgling filmmakers, and share many off-the-wall similarities with its later spiritual cousin, The Evil Dead. Watch in terror as four teenage picnickers (including a young Frank Bonner of WKRP in Cincinnati) uncover an ancient book of evil secrets, unleashing a Kong-like ape monster, a Lovecraftian squid-demon, and the bat-winged vision of Satan himself! Brimming with hypnagogic visuals that outdo many studio efforts of the era, the film was acquired by indie producer Jack H. Harris (The Blob, Dark Star), who reworked the plot with new scenes and released it theatrically under the truncated title, Equinox. In association with The Criterion Collection, Cinefamily is proud to present the 50th anniversary screening of Dennis Muren’s original amateur version. Unseen on the big screen since 1967, Muren’s teenage monster bash is beginners’ filmmaking at its unbridled, enthusiastic best.

Dirs. Dennis Muren & Mark Thomas McGee, 1967, digital restoration, 71 min.

Special Thanks to Jack & Judith Harris and The Criterion Collection.
Promotional artwork for The Equinox by Scorpio Steele.